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Addressing the Quiet Crisis: Origins of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
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Doctors performed an emergency C-section. Unlike many poor and minority women, she says, she had good health insurance that allowed her to remain in the hospital several days after giving birth. As for Perkins, who died three days after being readmitted to the hospital, doctors told her mother that an infection had killed her daughter.

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It also said placental tissue had been retained in her uterus. Givens-Perkins was plagued with questions. Was that what proved fatal? Did it have anything to do with the illness she suffered during her pregnancy?

Catechesis: The Quiet Crisis (Text) - Concordia Theological Seminary's Media Hub

Why was her daughter most often seen during her pregnancy by low-level medical practitioners, even when she was so frequently sick? Baby Camille came home in time for Christmas , almost four months after her birth. Her brother Catreyal was released the following month after several surgeries and near-death episodes.

He remains physically and mentally impaired. Givens-Perkins is left to start another generation of child-rearing, this one much harder than the first.

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I was calling people. Do they still boil bottles? I was sure a lot had changed.

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It was 20 years since I had had a baby. I had to relearn how to do this. This story was reported with a grant from the United Nations Foundation. Black doulas, midwives and reproductive health advocates step up in response to rising black maternal deaths. Looking for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl carried a heavy price, troops testify at his sentencing.

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As monuments to the Confederacy are removed from public squares, new ones are quietly being erected. About Us. Brand Publishing.

The Quiet Crisis

Almost no one knows that until the end of , Finland and Greece were the only two countries in the Eurozone in recession. An economic crisis that last for 6 years now, and that will be overcome, in the best of the cases, in another 3. Finland is a role model in many aspects: its transparent banking system; its almost inexistent tax evasion, its enviable level of development or its educative system, essential for the future of the country and the envy of the rest of the world… but despite this, its debt has doubled in only 4 years, unemployment has raised and the cuttings are affecting to all chapters of its national budget… what happened?

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A Quiet Crisis. Leveraging Lake Erie Special 56m 51s.

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The Quiet Crisis? Science Illiteracy Part 1 of 10