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It was too Dark and you can't make out any of the cast. I'm hoping the next ones better. Feb 16, Scott rated it it was ok. It had it's moments. Not too bad, I enjoyed the story, but I was definitely left wanting more.

Books of the Shaper - Hachette Australia

More in depth story telling, a richer set of characters. I liked it, it was a decent read. But I think this could have benefited from a richer story line. Battles were extremely quick IMO. I wanted to be a few more pages and have more detail.. Compared to Martin and Sanderson, there is no comparison. They are the gold standard for me. I try not to go into a story with that in mind, but as I get deeper in It had it's moments.

I try not to go into a story with that in mind, but as I get deeper into the series. I see why these guys stand out so much and why they are so popular. There is just enough back story and the current story is rich and colorful and while you are left wanting more of something, the other fillers are more than enough to keep you going.

Some may like this more than I did, try it and let us all know. It was not a bad read, but i wanted more Feb 22, Rachel rated it really liked it. Where the first book was an epic fantasy that asked more questions than it answered, this second installment in the Books of the Shaper series really hit the nail on the head in both developing a compelling larger arc and also providing page-turning personal drama that kept me reading all night. Our princes are now kings, and none of them is perfect Jul 18, James Powell rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. This book starts out well enough, with strong writing that proved to me that Fultz had grown as a writer since his debut.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't move fast enough for me. It's not plodding, exactly, but it felt like it was building toward something, but it just kept building with little overall movement to the story.

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I have a copy of the third volume in the series, but after reading Seven Kings, I doubt I'll read it. Apr 17, Brian Allen rated it it was ok. It was okay, not as great as Seven Princes, for those of you who don't like spoilers, I won't give anything away, but several parts in the beginning and the middle of the book made me angry at what the author did to the heroes of the story.

I hope the third will be much better than the second, that is all I can say on the matter. Apr 10, David Marshall rated it it was ok. This starts off rather better than the first volume and then grinds to a halt with the heroes finally realising who they have to fight.

Mar 04, Heather Bahney rated it really liked it. I came across this series on accident and have been hooked since. Feb 16, T. Land rated it it was ok.

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First book was silly fun. Sequel tediously grim and irritatingly sexist.

Mar 08, Lisa Famler rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. I was disappointed with the book - didn't enjoy the direction he took some of the characters in at all.

Entirely too depressing. I have not been able to finish it. Inge rated it really liked it Apr 24, Brian rated it it was ok May 26, Simon Ellberger rated it it was amazing May 17, Ben Pierce rated it really liked it Aug 22, You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Seven Sorcerers: Books of the Shaper: Volume 3

Thalmann, a novelist and freelance journalist with an affinity for satire and science fiction, lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, children, and ornery cats, reads too much and sleeps too little. Dave de Burgh Bookseller, Reader, Writer. Home About Me. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. To say that I was underwhelmed by the first would be one of my better examples of understatement.

It was poorly put together, limiting the pace of the narrative and leaving many elements in the plot confusing or unexplained. After a while, I could remember who all the major characters are, which was a major step forward. However, as with the first, this has a major cast of characters and you just have to see most of them as the redshirts, expendable as the author requires.


And, with much gore, a significant number of these characters are variously dismembered and slaughtered as we work our way through the plot. Although I had no problem with the content, people of a more sensitive disposition may find this literally too bloodthirsty as our quasi-vampires feast on the blood of their slaves in their jungle retreat. A simple head shot of John R Fultz. So who features this time around? This new race is a kind of borrowing from both H G Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs who had ferocious ape-like creatures which respectively lived underground or, as the White Apes, in the deserted cities of Barsoom.

Conceptually, the relationship between the brothers Lyrilan and Tyro, sons of Dairon, is the most interesting. In theory, this is a literal division of rulership between the brain and raw instinct. Lyrilan is bookish and cerebral. Tyro is the warrior quick to anger and always looking for a fight.

Seven Kings

Against the perceived threat from Khyrei, this is a recipe for inaction since the caution of Lyrilan will delay joining battle. That they are, in real terms, already outgunned in magical terms, is neither here nor there. Delay on the part of this kingdom merely gives the enemy time to grow stronger. Whether immediately or in time, the victory of Khyrei is assured. Writers of High Fantasy are not prone to allowing the forces of darkness to prevail.

Heroes must arise. Battles must be fought. Victories must be won for the side of light.