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Export Citation. Gamonpilas, et al. User Account Log in Register Help. Search Close Advanced Search Help. My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 Predicting the Mechani Show Summary Details. More options …. Applied Rheology.

Open Access. Online ISSN See all formats and pricing Online. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Volume 27 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 26 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 25 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 24 Issue 6 Dec , pp.

Volume 23 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 22 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 21 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 20 Issue 6 Dec , pp.

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Volume 19 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 18 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 17 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 16 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 15 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Volume 14 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Research Interests: Modeling quasi-static and dynamic fracture of structural components, the evolution of interfaces with nonlinear constitutive laws, and developing models for stimulus-responsive hydrogels. Research Interests: Aeroelasticity, acoustics, nonlinear dynamics, structural dynamics, and unsteady aerodynamics.

Research Interests: Materials science, mechanical properties, metals and polymers. Specialties: Shape memory materials, biomaterials, 3D printing. Research Interests: Unsteady aerodynamics, structural dynamics, and aeroelasticity of turbomachinery and aerospace vehicles. Novel approaches to modeling complex physical phenomena using computational fluid dynamics. Optimization and sensitivity analysis.

Revival: Practical Inverse Analysis in Engineering (1997)

Fluid dynamics of animal propulsion. Research Interests: Interfacial transport phenomena and thermodynamics in energy technology, including phenomena at the micro- and nanoscale. Thermodynamics aspects of photovoltaics, novel sustainable energy conversion technologies, and chemical reactions are an essential part of my research. Research Interests: Hydroelastic modeling of deformable structures, transport in thermal and chemical systems, experimental and computational fluid dynamics, nonlinear and complex systems, heat and mass transport in biological systems, stability of fluid motions, machine learning, data mining, Research Interests: Smart multifunctional textiles, camouflage fabrics, stimuli-responsive polymer, wearable electronics, photon management, radiation heat transfer, solar desalination and water harvesting, electrochemical devices, electrospinning and fiber fabrication.

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Research Interests: Acoustofluidics, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, biomedical micro-electro-mechanical systems BioMEMS , optofluidics, plasmofluidics. Research Interests: Unsteady aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, mistuning, damping, and probabilistic methods. Research Interests: Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and dynamics.

Research Interests: Nonlinear dynamics and vibration utilizing analytical, numerical, and experimental techniques. Fundamental investigations of phenomenon and application areas where dynamical systems theory plays an important role. Research Interests: Investigating relationships between structural and mechanical properties of biopolymers polysaccharides, DNA, proteins , at a single molecule level.

Research Interests: Making emerging photovoltaic materials more effective, cost-efficient and competitive for the energy market.

Research Interests: Combining the fields of materials science with colloid and surface chemistry to focus on biological and other soft wet materials. Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms by which cells interact with materials, specifically nanoparticles and conducting polymers, with applications in nanomedicine and environmental exposure.

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Research Interests: Engineering education, nonlinear systems, structural mechanics and numerical methods. Research Interests: Musculoskeletal tissue repair, disease biophysics and organ-on-a-chip technology. Research Interests: Study of the behavior of nonlinear dynamical systems, including the investigation of the fundamental nature of nonlinear systems based on a mathematical description of their underlying equations of motion and the application of recent results from nonlinear dynamical systems Research Interests: Biomaterials, nanotechnology and tissue engineering that involves the synthesis, development, and application of novel biofunctional materials, and the use of biomaterials and engineering approaches to study biological problems.

Research Interests: Nano-mechanical and nano-tribological characterization elasticity, friction, adhesion of materials including organic thin films; self-assembled monolayers, polymeric gels, and cellulosics; Fabrication of polymeric nanostructures by scanning probe lithography; Colloidal probe Research Interests: Networked control systems, distributed control and optimization, hybrid control, with applications to robotic, sensor, communication, and biomolecular networks.

Research Interests: Ultrasound-targeted gene delivery and activation; Synergistic combination of high-intensity focused ultrasound HIFU and immunotherapy for cancer treatment; Innovations in shock wave lithotripsy SWL technology; and Mechanics and bioeffects of acoustic cavitation.

Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics - ISTE

Research Interests: Medical device development, acute care technology, space medicine, remote medicine, autonomous medical devices. Research Interests: Focused on biomolecular materials and biointerface science and emphasizes the development of applications that span the range from bioseparations, biosensors, biomaterials, and targeted drug delivery.

Research Interests: Minimally invasive neurosurgical device development and neurosurgical robotics. Research Interests: Modeling the effects of human airway anatomy on respiratory airflow patterns, deposition of inhaled gases and particle transport using computational fluid dynamics. Research Interests: Structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, seismic hazard mitigation for building contents, nonlinear dynamics, system identification, optimal control with application to systems with controllable damping. Electrochemical measurements and Research Interests: Computational mechanics, mechanics of heterogeneous materials, molecular dynamics simulations and atomistic-to-continuum coupling, stochastic solvers, statistical inverse problem and model validation, stochastic analysis, uncertainty quantification in science and engineering.

Research Interests: Exploring novel collective phenomena in quantum materials by means of neutron and x-ray scattering techniques; Investigating quantum critical phenomena at extreme environmental conditions of ultra-low temperature, high magnetic field, and high pressure; Materials by Design Research Interests: Mechanics of materials, theoretical soil mechanics, rock mechanics, theory of plasticity, multi-physics processes in geomechanics, nuclear waste disposal, energy and environmental geomechanics.

Research Interests: Neurotrophin biology, neuroregeneration, medical device design. Research Interests: Diagnostic imaging of the liver, detection and characterization of focal and diffuse processes by US, CT and MRI; percutaneous image-guided thermal ablation of hepatic and renal tumors.

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Research Interests: Finite element methods, computational fluid and solid mechanics, multiphase porous media flows, computational methods for fluid and solid materials under extreme load conditions, turbulent flow computations, instability phenomena. Research Interests: In the Wiley Group, we make new nanomaterials by controlling the assembly of atoms in solution, and explore applications for nanomaterials in medicine, catalysis, plasmonics, and electronics. Our goal is to precisely control the size, shape, and composition of materials on the Research Interests: My primary area of expertise is the solution of nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations via perturbation methods.

Using asymptotics along with a mixture of other applied mathematical techniques in analysis and scientific computing I study a broad range of Research Interests: 3D user interfaces, novel interaction techniques and immersive display systems. Research Interests: Polymer and protein engineering, failure analysis, structural engineering. Research Interests: Nonlinear dynamics, vibration analysis, applied mathematics. Research Interests: Design and analysis of methods and algorithms for learning and computational intelligence.

Theory and approximation properties of network models, such as neural and probabilistic networks, for the purpose of enhancing their learning abilities and improving reliability Research Interests: Engineering computing and engineering science, continuum mechanics, engineering analysis, finite element methods, and the use of finite element methods for the solution of nonlinear problems, with a special interest in the modeling of physical systems exhibiting contact and Research Interests: Lorente's research interests encompass vascularized materials, constructal theory, porous media, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer.

Research Interests: Product design and design-thinking practices, with a particular focus on the role of improvisation and prototyping in product development; presentation and visualization skills, and improving customer-experience design. Research Interests: The main emphasis of research in the Robotics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory is on the control of multiple robots that can work together. The sensor Research Interests: Analytical, experimental, and computational studies of flow problems arising in biology, medicine, and biotechnology as well as in more traditional mechanical engineering applications.

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Research Interests: Impurity diffusion mechanisms and point defects in silicon and III-V compounds; line defects; precipitation and gettering; kinetic processes of defect evolution; x-ray scattering and electron microscopy; crystal growth in nano-scale. All Faculty Department Chair L. Catherine Brinson Sharon C. Yoh, III Professor Research Interests: Study of advanced material systems and developing new methods to characterize and to model material behavior.